29 June 2009

Party in Style

For those of you who are planning a party, birthday or wedding, you should definately go to Amy Atlas for your dessert tables. Amy is a New York based event planner specializing in high end dessert tables. She treats each endeavor as a unique, art project and designs each dessert table to fit the client. Looking at these beatifull images above I'm already with my heads in the clouds ready for the next party:-)

EA Active

I'm a big sports fan. Running and tennis are my favourites. But now I discovered EA Sports Active as well. This is a perfect addition to my weekly work-outs. You can start with the 30 day challenge or compose your own training schedule.

You don’t have to sign up and you don’t have to go anywhere. You can do this challenge from the comfort of home. With a large and supportive community it’ll be that much easier to push through your workouts when others are doing the same.

28 June 2009

Dutch Summer Design

Dutch Summer is a new Dutch outdoor furniture and design brand.
Dutch Summer is all about creating, not copying. Dutch Summer works exclusively with sustainable materials such as certified wood and bio-degradable synthetic materials.

27 June 2009

Urban Summer style

Summer is in the air here in Holland. It's almost 25 degrees today and we enjoy the summer. Today I read in the newspaper that Fiat 500 will launch it's new Cabrio in January 2010. Not the best timing to launch a summer car but you'd better be informed upfront.


I'm a big sports fan. Especially tennis is one of my favourites. I'm looking forward to the finals of Wimbledon next weekend. But do you remember the great Men's final between Nadal and Federer last year? According to John McEnroe this was teh 'greatest match ever seen. His final against Jimmy Connors in 1982, had previously been the longest final.

26 June 2009

Go Glamping in Portugal

Yes, we found our new holiday destination for this summer. We will go 'glamping' for a week in the Portugal Nature Lodge. I hear you think: What the h%$#& is GLAMPING. Glamping is the new, glamourous camping. Ideal for urbanista's and celebrities who enjoy nature and luxury don't like the hassle of taking the tent or even a camper or caravan.

Glamping originated in Africa, decades ago, in upscale Safari Camps. Guests lounged inside large canvas tents adorned with king size beds, elegant bedding, Persian carpets, antique furniture, fluffy towels, and pillow misters. They experienced stunning views in all directions and spent their afternoons at high tea, while on site chefs prepare decadent meals. Guests enjoyed every imaginable luxury, in a very wild setting. Lucky for us, many such establishments still exist in Africa today.

19 June 2009

Timelessness design

Timelessness is among the tenets of eco-design. Tag applies this concept to its watches and to the company's Swiss headquarters. Natural light flows throughout the building to reduce dependency on electrical power. Tag will also collaborate on a timepiece with Leonardo DiCaprio to raise funds for environmental charities.

16 June 2009

Travel update

I'm almost ready for the summer! It's time to plan my holidays now. Searching for some good inspiration on Eco travel I found a very cool spot in Patagonia in Argentina: Eco Camp Patagonia.
Patagonia, one of the more remote and spectacular places on earth, is the southern most point of land you can go to in the world. Shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia offers the hiker the ultimate backpacking adventure. From the Towers of Paine to the Grey Glacier this area is unparalleled in natural beauty.
Patagonia EcoCamp design was inspired on the traditional Kawesqar hut resembling and igloo and a dome at the same time. The instinctive engineering ability of the Kawesqar can be easily understood these days. The semi-hemispherical structure of the EcoCamp domes is formed by a number of isosceles triangles that provides uniform distribution of the stress caused by severe wind loads. Wind speed in Patagonia often surpasses 160-180km per hour which makes traditional straight and flat walls extremely vulnerable if the structure is meant to be light. Other significant aspect is that rounded bodies minimize the external surface in contact with the cold environment allowing less exchange of temperature with the warm interiors. Finally, semi-hemisphere gave Kawesqars the maximum internal space in relation to the surface they had to cover with valuable and sometimes scarce animal skins.


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