26 July 2011


Hello friends, today I am glad that I can announce a book give-away from Kelly Hoppen on Urban Style Vibes* I met with the team of Kelly Hoppen during the preparations of the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam last months. It's been great working with Kelly and I'm glad she offered me the book to share with you. 
Kelly Hoppen: Ideas. by Kelly Hoppen

Please leave your comment below why you want to win this book and if possible share the link of this give-away on Twitter or Facebook. The winner will be announced on August 20. 2011 Nr 2,3 and 4 will get a voucher code for Kelly's iPhone/iPad app.
I was also lucky to have the opportunity to interview Kelly Hoppen.

1. How did you started your business? 
I got my start by working for a friend of my step father. It was unpaid but I learned so much and was really prepared for my first paid job which was for a racing driver who was a friend of a friend. Word of mouth was what helped me get started and what keeps my business growing to this day. 

2.  Can you tell me a bit more about your latest project?
I am working on an amazing new resort in Mauritius. It's all top secret but it will be a luxurious new offering from one of the best resort companies in the world. Stay tuned for the news on it's opening which will happen in December 2011.

3. What is your favourite travel destination and why?
It actually is Mauritius so I was thrilled to be able to work on a project there! I get so much inspiration from my travels not necessarily from the destinations themselves but I find when I "switch off" on holiday new ideas always spring up. 

4. Can you give urban style vibes readers some tips to decorate for the summer season?
Never underestimate the power of accessories! Switching curtains to fabrics which are lighter in texture and colour do a lot to change the feeling of a space. Bright cushions are great for bringing in a pop of colour and can give a very different feel to a space without much expense. Fresh flowers are also in abundance so think about using them in your space to bring the outdoors in. Finally, if you have the budget think about defying the norms in terms of furnishing. Outdoor furniture can create the feeling of an additional room outside if it is solid in construction with modern lines and muted colours. Conversely, woven/wicker style furniture in a dining room adds a bit or whimsey and brings the outdoors inside. 

images: Kelly Hoppen for Urban Style Vibes* 


Luxe Vida said...

It sounds great Lise, very interesting interview with Kelly. I personally love her style and how she creates atmospheres so well, never over-done.
I've been wanting to buy her book for a while but never got round to it, it would look just perfect on my coffee table next to the signed decor8 book I got at the meet the blogger event!. If there is something I love doing is browsing through decor books while having a cup of tea in the morning to get some blogger inspiration!

Have a lovely weekend. x

Lauren Sakuma said...

What a great opportunity for you to have interviewed one of my favorite designers, Kelly. I am so much inspired by her works, how she treats interior accessories very well. The previous company I have worked with in Singapore acquired the latest book recently & I love referring to this book.. And now it inspires me more that I learned from this blog how she started her earlier days in her succesful career.


Marianna said...

Oh yes pleaaaaaaaaaaaase! I would love to win Kelly's book. I've seen it many times in my bookstore now and it would be great to have it on my coffee table!



Barbara@HausDesign said...

Lucky you to get to interview her! I love her ideas of bringing the outside in...I haven't done that yet, simply because the stuff I have wouldn't work, but I'd love to buy something later on that I could bring inside. I love that look and would love to win her book too!


La Boheme said...

Kelly was able to create such a strong name for herself and her work is always done to perfection. Never over-done, it's just the right amount! Her book would be great addition to my design book collection, one can never tire of good design :) Have a happy weekend!

J. Gregory said...

I need this book! I have Home, Touch, and InStyle. It won't have time to sit on the coffee table! I have too many rooms to redecorate!


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