31 March 2010

Guest Post: Color in Krakow

Today I'm proud to introduce the first Guest blogger on Urban Style Vibes*.This is a post from one  of my blog friends Carole. She is a stylish interior designer and has an eye for style and travel. A few weeks ago she visited Krakow in Poland and today she is sharing her travel inspiration with us! What do you think? Please leave your comments below and visit her lovely blog here.

Hello everyone.  It’s Carole here from Dear Designers Blog.  Lise has generously allowed me to post today on Urban Style Vibes which is a daily read for me so I am very excited and honoured to be here.

I’m just back from a short break in Krakow in Poland, where the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny…the market square was putting on its Easter clothes…the cafes were spilling out onto pavements and there was vibrant colour everywhere you look……….

10 Things to Do….

  1. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
  2. Visit Wawel Hill and explore the medieval castle
  3. Climb the Town Hall tower for a birds-eye view of the Old Town
  4. Buy some amber from the market
  5. Wander the streets of the old Jewish quarter
  6. Cross the river to Shindlers Factory and the site of the WWII ghetto
  7. Take a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
  8. Eat grilled meats at Pod Aniolami
  9. Take in a concert
  10. Take another trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine  
Thanks so much for having me Lise!!



PS. Would you like to be featured or share your travel inspiration? Please send me an e-mail or leave me a comment and I will be happy to share your travel experience here on Urban Style Vibes*

Back home

My sweeties I'm back from Madrid! Unfortunately I was not able to blogpost every day in the meantime. However I hope you have enjoyed reading so far. Madrid was awesome! I did some good shopping: 2 pairs of zapateros (shoes), a new summer jacket and of course some lovely skirts from the Garden Collection of H&M on which I posted earlier here. Later this week I will drop some images here to give you an impression of our trip. Coming home it's always a good time to think about a new travel destination. Looking at these images from Nicolas Millet I'm pretty sure I would love to go to the Bahamas very soon. What do you think?

Imagine to have such a colourful house with seaview...

Later this week I will surprise you with a lovely guest post from Carole. She has been traveling to Krakow in Poland and I'm sure she will surprise you with some lovely images and travel tips. Please visit her blog here

via: Cote Maison

24 March 2010

Wall decoration

Before I leave for Madrid I would love to share some lovely wall-decoration items with you. This is the Danish homewear brand Ferm Living. I posted earlier about this lovely brand here. The good news is that they extended their wall decoration collection. I just love the image above from Marie Claire Italy, lovely styling! What do you think?

images: Ferm Living+Apartment Therapy

Madrid here I come

My dearest blogfriends. How are you? I am ready for a take off to Madrid this weekend. I'm travelling with my mother and we will enjoy this lovely Spanish city with some shopping, museums and sightseeing.
I would love to visit the rooftop bar at Plaza Santa Ana with one of the best city views in town. This bar is a lovely spot.

19 March 2010

Enjoy your weekend!

My dearest readers! I'm off for the weekend now. I have a pretty busy schedule this weekend. Tomorrow I will go to ice skating in the north of Holland to watch the World Cup Ice-skating. And after that I will go to one of my friends for a party. But before I leave you I would love to share some colorful sofa's from Roche Bobois with you.

What do you think of these sofa's?

18 March 2010

Easter inspiration

In less than 2 weeks from now it is a long Easter weekend. Time flies when having fun.... I have already created my own Easter tree at home and that's why I would love to share some Easter decoration and inspiration with you.

images via: Sussie Bell, Lille Lykke

17 March 2010

Dream home

Imagine a sunny, Spanish island... This is Casa Samma on Formentera. The images are from the lovely photographer Jordi Canosa
What a rustic athmospere on this beautiful terrace

Love the wooden details in the living.

via: Jordi Canosa

14 March 2010

Subway living room

IKEA created a real living room in four of the most busy subway stations in Paris. The Swedish furniture and lifestyle brand “invades” the daily life of people, displaying sofas, lamps and other pieces in the staions, recreating a living room athmoshere for people waiting for their train.The idea is that people can try in first person the quality of the products and their comfortableness being surprised in an ordinary action like going back home from the office.

What do you think of this creative idea?
via: Trendhunter Magazine

12 March 2010

Have a fabulous weekend!

My dearest blog-friends. Happy weekend! Are you ready for a celebration? Or will this be a relaxing weekend for you? Anyway I hope you will enjoy and make the most of it. This weekend I will do some redecorating and organizing at home. In addition I will start my search for our next Easter Holliday. Imagine a night in the ice-hotel, a wigwam or even a lighthouse! This website and this one gave me already some lovely inspiration.

10 March 2010

Home Office

Good Morning! How are you today? I'm doing well. The sun is shining and I will start my work at home today. During daytime I'm working as a PR Manager in the corporate world. Unfortunately I still haven't created a home office. In my daily search on the internet I found two lovely home offices. Can you imagine to have such a lovely office at home? What do you think?

Via Made by Girl, this is the lovely office of Alaina from Live Creating yourself

via Secrets of Domestic Bliss (This is the lovely blog of Aishlina. You rock girl!)

9 March 2010

A touch of white

These images of Swedish photographer Pia Ulin are a beauty in itself.  The serene athmosphere captured in these images, I love it. I selected a few images for you today but I must admit this is just a small glimps of her lovely work, so please visit her website to see more! What do you think of such an enormous bathroom with lovely white baloons?

8 March 2010

Hotel Banks

Good Morning Sweethearts! How are you today? Did you have a good weekend? I certainly did! I went out to the country side and the weather was so sunny and fresh. I even went out for a walk on the beach! It was awesome!

Today, we travel to Belgium. If you want to discover the lovely city of Antwerp in Belgium, Hotel Banks is a true new hotspot there.  Antwerp is a great city for those who love Belgian fashion (designers) . And the good news of this hotel is that the owners (a Dutch couple..) understand that we guest love affordable design rooms! Room rates start at 95 euro.

The Daytime Cafe where you can have your breakfast served

5 March 2010

Happy Weekend!

I'm off for the weekend now! I wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones! I have a pretty busy weekend. Tomorrow I will travel to the country side to spent the weekend with some of my best friends and famiIy. What are your plans?

PS. I'm soooo looking forward to such a blue sea. Where is the Spring season? It's raining cats and dogs here in Holland....

4 March 2010

I'm so exited!

My lovely readers I'm so happy that I found  Kelly from Fabulous K Creative who will start with the redesign Urban Style Vibes* in a few weeks from now! Since I started USV* in the summer of 2009 I have created a lot of content and the layout was always my last concern. However I want to expand USV* and make this blog even more attractive for my readers and sponsors.
If you have any suggestions for my blog, please leave me your comments below. Thanks so much sweeties. All your comments make me smile!

3 March 2010

Maison Moschino

Design Hotels is one of my favourites when it comes to find design/style hotels across the globe. They've recently added a new Hotel to their top list. Maison Mochino recently opened it's doors in Milano, Italy. It is the newest concept hotel from the renowned Moschino creative team. This hotel offers an experience into the world of imagination and surrealism. The common thread connecting the rooms is a fairy tale theme because to sleep is perchance to dream....

Click here to see more images of this lovely hotel in Milan. On this website you will find more lovely design hotel treats. Enjoy and please let me know what you think of this one below.

1 March 2010

Tine's home

Danish designer Tine K's home is featured in this months Elle Decoration UK. I just love her products and this home is a real treat for interior design lovers.

Click here to see the full article.

Party Dress part 2

I posted earlier about my search for a lovely Black Tie party dress, and I thougt that I bought a lovely one but guess what happened...

This weekend I received my purple party dress... Unfortunately it is not as pretty as it looks on this image. So I will send it back to the webshop. Any suggestions where I can find some lovely 'Black Tie'   dresses on the web? Thanks for your help. The Gala is planned on the 20th of March so I need to hurry up a little...

Julie Verhoeven for H&M

Fashion illustrator, artist and teacher Julie Verhoeven created a colorful homewear collection for H&M. I found these image on Decor8. The lovely blog of Holly Becker in Germany. Thanks for sharing Holly! I love this girly style. What do you think?


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