31 August 2010


My dear friends, how are you today? Are you ready for a take off to Guatemala? This is Casa Palopo. This seven room inn is flush with colorful artwork, wood-beamed ceilings, a warm fireplace and a pool with terraces overlooking Lake Atilan's dramatic volcanic cones. This is also a spot to watch the rich and famous coming in by helicopter.

I just love the subtle use of the color blue here

The wooden ceilings with the colorful art and furniture makes this lounge divine.

Q. Would you like to spend a few days in this hotel?

via: Jetsetter

27 August 2010


My dear friends, thank you for visiting Urban Style Vibes* this week. Your lovely comments made me realize that the blogworld is so hearthwarming. And I have the feeling that I know many of you by now although we haven't met in real life. Wouldn't that be a great idea to meet with a group of bloggers one day in Amsterdam, Sydney, NYC, Stockholm or? Blog meetings across the globe. What do you think of such an idea? 

In the meantime I wish you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy to the max and love your friends and family. I'm inspired by these lovely prints from Made by Girl. You can order these affordable prints here.

See you back on Monday!

'love languages' print via madebygirl
image via spearmint decor

25 August 2010


SFO is one of my favourite cities on the planet. It's next to the sea, it's vibrant and it has a lot to offer. If you are planning a visit to this wonderful city you might want to stay in this lovelely hotel.This 30-storey, 404-room W hotel offers impeccable style and an unbeatable location adjacent to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and directly across from the Moscone Center. 

Even the lobby is sensational, as a three-story octagonal structure, complete with several board games and game tables. The glass-roof pool and hot-tub area, next to5,000-square-foot Bliss Spa, is open 24 hours a day:-)

XYZ is the luxury hotel's signature 
restaurant with contemporary Californian cuisine within a beautiful modern interior. There's also a lively bar scene with cocktails and light fare.

Q. What do you think of this hotel? Would you like to stay here?

images: CN Traveler

23 August 2010


Danish homewear brand By Nord is known for its nature inspired desings. The new autumn winter collection is just stunning. Can't wait to buy some new pieces to decorate my living and bedroom. Which one is your favourite?


Today I would like to share some Scandinavian beauties that I discovered on the lovely blog Scandinavian Chic.

 This desk is my favourit (Vika Veine + Vika Moliden) . Also ideal for small spaces and with a top that is PERFECT
for moodboards. I hope that this new IKEA item will be available in the Netherlands soon!
Eva Solo is just a beautiful brand for home accessories and kitchen utilities. I'm crushed on this bowl. What a beauty
The first images of the Danish DAY Home Wear collection.

Q. Do you like Scandinavian Design? What are your favourite brands?


Welcome to the new week my friends. I hope it will be a good one for all of you. Today I'm lovin this short movie with the giant bubbles on the beach. Look at all these exited children. They just seem to love this. These bublles also remind me of my childhood. It was always great fun to play around with these bubbles. Do you remember?

20 August 2010


Today I'm so inspired by the new Live website of IKEA. On this website you will find a lot of inspiration how to use IKEA products at home. These images are made by real people who just love the IKEA stuff, as you can see. The images shown here are from stylist Pernilla Asberg. Awesome! I hope these images will inspire you during the weekend. Q. What you think of this initiative?

images: Live


My dear friends. Thanks so much for visiting Urban Style Vibes* Did you have a nice week? Was it a productive one or do you feel a bit behind? Whether you had a good week or a not make this weekend an unforgettable one! Find some time to play with your children, ejoy good music, watch a film, write a postcard, or visit your family as I will do this weekend. My weekend is filled with B-day parties and I will have some time to do some running or biking in between which I love. What will you do this weekend? I do hope you enjoy yourself. I’ll see you on Monday…

Before I leave you for the weekend I would like to share this Newcastle-based brand that’s grown from strength to strength: Deadgood . I first spotted deadgood a few years back, then saw them exhibit at the prestigious 100% Design show in London. Founded by two Northumbria University graduates in 2004, Elliott and Dan have earned the reputation for offering classic and contemporary home furnishing in fresh and inspiring new styles. I just love the cute pink chair with the little embroyded hearts. Which one do you like the most?
 images: Trend Bible


Today I'm inspired by this floating dining room in the city of Vancouver. This green dining room floats thanks to 1672 2 liter plastic bottles which can be viewed on the bottom of the floor. With this elegant dining room the initiators want to increase awareness about the prevalence of plastic in our oceans. What a great idea!!

Q. What do you think of this initiative? And do you have similar initiatives in your country?

via: Apartment Therapy

18 August 2010


Hello my dear friends! How are you? I hope you have enjoyed your week visiting Urban Style Vibes* as I've been busy traveling and blogging from abroad. Thanks again to my lovely guest editors from Mexico, Texas and Sweden. It's been great to have you here!! I've been traveling to Belgium and Copenhagen in the last few days and I can tell you it was a blast!  And now I'm back home! And although I love traveling as much as I can I'm always happy to be here again and sleep in my own bed. Do you know that feeling? And I've really missed you!! The blogging world is such a fantastic place with great people like you to share my ideas and expereriences. I will give you an update of my trips later this week. The lovely lilly flowers above are a gift from my loved one once we arrrived home. Isn't that sweet of him?? XO Lise M. 

image: Lise M. for Urban Style Vibes*

16 August 2010


I'm not sure if you remember this but I've been on a trip to Portugal last summer. During my last trip I discovered Glamping which stands for Glamourous camping. It is trendy concept for those who love  relaxed camping without any hassle. Today I came across El Cosmico, a sort of hotel/campground in in Texas. Wheter you like to stay in an Indian Teepee tent or a Yurt or even a vintage trailer it's all possible here. If my future holds a trip to Texas, I would love to stay for a few nights in this place.

Q. What do you think about this place?

14 August 2010


Imagine....today we travel to the delta of Kenya's Tana River, the only wetland of its kind in Eastern Africa and a protected area owned and managed by the local Kenyan community. Conservation is paramount, and the owners of this awesome cottage are working closely with the community to set aside over 150,000 acres of conservancy around the property. The local residents are proud to share their little corner of paradise with the property's residents and lucky renters. I think this spot is just divine! 

Q. Would you like to travel to this place?

More images click here

images via Apartment Therapy

12 August 2010


A touch of color can give a stunning new look to the living. What do you think about this purple wall? I think it's just divine combined with the white lampshade, the wooden floor and the artwork on the walls.

9 August 2010


Hello, lovelies! My name is Carly and I hail from Ft. Worth, Texas. I regularly blog at my own blog, Honey and the Moon, but today I am so honored to be blogging here at Urban Style Vibes*. Lise has an incredible eye for design and I am so happy to be sharing with each of you today. 
It seems to me that the summer is fading far too quickly, and I know that in just a few short months that I will be missing it badly.  Because of the extreme heat in Texas (the next 6 days are supposed to hit triple digit temperatures) it is hard to spend a lot of time outside. On those super hot days a lot of people choose to beat the heat in a backyard swimming pool, a local lake, or at the city water park. Otherwise, a lot of time is spent indoors...malls, museums, and downtown exhibits are extremely popular during this time. In Texas, summer evenings are warm and perfect for cookouts, and to me, nothing says a southern summer like a cookout with family and friends. Think citronella candles (these are the candles used to fight off pesky mosquitoes), sundresses, lemonade, and tea light candles. Summer cookouts are a staple in Texas, and I plan on hosting one last cookout before the summer ends.For those you who are hoping to host one more chic summer cookout like me, here is a little inspiration...
Serving lemonade (with a hint of mint...yummy!) keeps the outdoor event casual
Serving chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries makes the event a little more formal
Throwing a table cloth and cushions onto a picnic table automatically dresses it up, and the umbrella over head? Perfect for deflecting those summer rays of sun.
Sunflowers scream southern summer!
I love the idea of serving light, summery snacks out of the back of a truck. Not only is this display super adorable, it saves a lot of table space.I hope all of you have found something that you can use in your end-of-summer cookout. Just remember, casual and chic, light and airy, and family, friend, and food oriented! A big thank you to Lise for this wonderful opportunity, and a big thank you to you for reading! x
Images via country living

8 August 2010


My dear blog friends, as you might have mentioned my presence on Urban Style Vibes* is limited these days because I'm enjoying a short break. But I won't leave you without your daily read and today I have the honour to introduce you to a lovely new guest editor from Mexico. Welcome Lori Dumm from Tropical Inspirations
Thanks Lise for this opportunity to guest post on your incredible blog Urban Style Vibes* It's a great honour to be here for me. It all started as a simple search of tropical inspirations for a new house in Mexico...but soon became constant keyboard obsession for amazing design blogs I had no idea even existed. I guess living on a tropical island without daily internet has its ups and downs. Urban Style Vibes* was one of the first sites I encountered and I was hooked within days. Today I would love to give you some eye candies from Mexico. Which one is your favourite??


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