2 August 2010


How are you today? Did you enjoy the weekend to the max? Are you ready for a fresh start? I had a perfect weekend. We had diner in a lovely restaurant in my hometown Rotterdam and on Sunday I traveled to my family and we had diner together. Today I will join my mother to the hospital for her after treatment and we will do some shopping together. Before I leave you I would love to share the new DAY Home collection.
Silhouettes have been a key inspiration in the collection. The thing about silhouette motives are that they are not only graphically beautiful , they also starts your imagination, and you actually see details that you wouldn't have seen in regular sketch. Furthermore the contrast Black/White is so DAY , a keyword in in the new Autumn/Winter Collection.
I'm also a big fan of their clothing collection. Love the styling too, these images are divine.

Q. What do you tink of their new collection?

1 comment:

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

gorgeous styling, you're right. love all the colours and textures. oh and those boots are pretty killer too!


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