31 July 2010


I wish you all a fabulous weekend? What are your plans? I will be busy planning my upcoming trips and tomorrow I will visit my family. Anyway, whatever you do, enjoy it!

PS. Love the image above! Can anyone help me out where I can buy such a lovely wallpaper of the world? It would be a perfect solution for my home office.

image via: Table Tonic


The girl in the brick house said...

I love that room too! No idea where you get such wallpaper though - might need a Google search! Jane:0

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes, I love this picture too. Such a great room!
My sister had a map like that on her wall when we grew up. It was way cool.

I agree with Jane, do a Google search. Map wallpaper or world map wall poster.. You'll get lots of hits.

x C

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks for the tip you lovely ladies from Oz!!! I will Google around and let you know the outcome.


Lise M.


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