23 July 2010


40 years ago they said 'Yes I do' to eachother and this weekend we celebrated my parents' 40th wedding anniversary with family at the beach here in Holland. The weather was just beautiful that night. It was just meant to be! Congratulations mum and dad! Love You!!!

PS. Thanks for all your sweet comments after my blogpost about my mum. As you can see on this image she is pretty strong and vital. Only a few weeks to go  for herwith the after treatment.


The girl in the brick house said...

What a gorgeous picture! Congrats to them. Jane :)

Carole said...

They look very happy.
Best wishes to you all.

Carole x

Charlotta Ward said...

How beautiful! In every sense.
Congratulations to them on their special day, and to you for having such cute parents! :)

How's your mum doing?

x Charlotta


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