15 July 2010

Do you drink tap water?

I must admit I'm an addict to water. Especially in the summer. And I also must admit I buy these pet bottles regularly but I try to limit this as much as possible. The tap water in Holland is from a high standard quality and I just love it. So on my desk there is just a big can that I refill regularly during the day. And after seeing this movie I think this is just a little contribution we can make to save the planet.
Do you drink tap water in your country? What are your habbits? What do you think?


Yip said...

Yes, I drink tap water, I filter it though, but I do drink it and I prefer it to bottled water that not only can cause health issues, but causes major pollution as well.


Jen said...

Like Yip, I drink tap water but it's filtered. And I just keep refilling my water bottles. The less that I throw out the better!! Great discussion!


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