19 July 2010


I’m excited to begin a new week and hope that you are too my friends! I don’t believe that only Fridays are meant to be happy days, but a Monday can be a great one too simply because a new week is a fresh start. I'm always an early bird, especially in summer so this morning I woke up around 6AM and now it's 8AM and I have a full day ahead of me. What a lovely morning. What do you have planned this week? And how was your weekend? 

My weekend was just so relaxed. My brother celebrated his birthday party this weekend and me and Mr M. were laying down in his lovely Fatboy hammock for a while. I hope you enjoy your new week as I do!

PS. This week I will take you on a trip to South Africa, Puerto Rico and Brasil so please fasten your seatbelt for a take off:-)

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