31 October 2009

Enjoy the autumn weekend

My dear bloggers! How are you today? And more important what are your plans for the weekend? I'm pretty fine. I just did some running and had a lovely breakfast with my fiance here at home. And now I'm heading to the hairdresser for a new look:-) But I do not want to leave you here without some new inspiration. Today I came acrross the lovely B & B Italy design brand. Look at these lovely interior images.

B & B sends all the little details such as fine pictures, books, vases and more from Italy to all the showrooms across the world to guarantee the right and the same style everywhere. Well done B & B!

Have a lovely weekend and see you back on Monday!!

images via B & B Italy

30 October 2009

Flower power

Do you have flowers at home that scream for water once in a while? The Eva Solo flower pot has been designed to extend and improve the life of your house plants and indoor herbs. Just glance at the water level in the vase, and you will know immediately if the plant is thirsty… The vase reservoir can hold water for the plant only need watering once a week, and possibly less frequently, depending on the circumstances. In nature plants draw up the water they need through their roots – when they need it. The same principle is behind this functional and self-watering flower pot which consists of just two parts. On top is a ceramic flower pot and beneath it a glass container functioning as water reservoir. Water is drawn up through nylon threads which hang down from the bottom of the pot, like extensions of the plant´s own roots. And look at the design? It's awesome!

source: Eva Solo press

28 October 2009

Decoration inspiration

In my ongoing search for an appropriate bookshelve I stumbled upon this lovely image of Diane Bergerson. Diane is an Australian interior desginer. Her Interiors are chic, timeless, and classic.Diane juxtaposes high-end furnishings and art with flea market finds to create her innovative and eclectic blend of relaxed glamour.
Providing the perfect balance between style and comfort. This bookshelve is stunning! Would love to have one like this.

source: Diane Bergeron

27 October 2009

Blog issue

Hi globebloggers! Lovely Jodi from Decor Metro was so kind to send me an e-mail since it seems that I had a 'comment issue' on my blog. That's why most of you were not able to leave a comment on Urban Style Vibes without having a Google account. My appologize for that! I have tried to fix it now so I hope it works now. Please let me know if you still discover any problems.

Halloween is in the air

Hi there. How are you today? Today I want to share some pumpkin news with you. As we are getting close to Halloween it seems the Pumpkins are everywhere now.

For a different take on carving pumpkins, bust out the drill and use different sized bits to drill holes in a pattern on the pumpkin. Experiment with different sized pumpkins and different patterns for a truly unique look! Thanks for sharing this on your blog Sarah.

Check here for creative ideas: Pumpkin Carving Contest 2009

And read here the Pumpkin proposal story. How cute. Thanks Joanne for sharing!

Are you looking forward to Halloween or is this not your kind of thing? Please leave me your comments!

26 October 2009

Vipp inspiration

I'm a big fan of Danish brands. Vipp is one of my favourites. You can read one of my earlier posts on the 70th anniversary of Vipp here. Today I would like to give you some interior inspiration on how to 'use'Vipp in your own home.

25 October 2009

My lovely books

Hi there, how is your weekend! My weekend is quiet relaxed. I did some running this morning and now I´m at home thinking about my interior. Last year I moved to this place here in Rotterdam and I have about 6 boxes with books waiting for a shelve... I must admit I´m a bit an addict when it comes to books. I love to read and collect them. It´s a lovely appartment but I do not have any space to stowe my books. Of course I can buy a new Billy but I´m not sure if that is what I´m looking for. So in search for some inspiration I found these lovely ideas from Blair Friedeman. She is hosting the lovely blog Delight by Design. On this blog she combines fashion items with lovely interiors. Thanks for sharing Blair!!

If you have any additional inspiration, please let me know!!

20 October 2009

The Benevolent Postcard Society

My friends who know me a little long already know it and today I would like to share this secret with you. I just looooooooooooooove to receive traditional postcards at home. i rarely get ‘real mail’ these days, unless of course it’s the monthly bills, or of 3 of 4 postcards with my birthday. But now there is the benevolent postcard society. This is a fantastic idea created by illustrator and blogger lori langille of the blog automatism. How does this work? The idea is simple: Send a happy postcard. Get a happy postcard. That's pretty much it. Each month you'll send a postcard to a different person — and each month a different person will send a postcard to you. At the end of the year, you'll have 12 postcards from 12 different people.

Please note that the BPS unfortunately cannot accept any new members since August 2009. But it’s fun to check them out online anyway. And maybe this will inspire you to send your own postcards to your loved ones

image: The Benevolent Postcard Society

19 October 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to all of you. Today I have a lovely find for you. Do you know Anna Spiro? She is a lovely designer and has a fabulous blog: Absolutely Beautiful Things from Brisbane Australia. This month her home is published in the Australian Vogue Living. Thanks for sharing Anna. Awesome!

She just redesigned her own Art Deco bungalow in Brisbane features accents of bold colour and pattern set against the supreme lightness of white.

Anna recently launched her own website Black and Spiro

And please check out her lovely portfolio here

17 October 2009

Happy autumn weekend

Happy weekend to all my lovely readers! What are your plans? Yesterday I started the weekend with a lovely diner in Wijn of Water, a restaurant at the riverside in Rotterdam. We had a lovely diner in a cosy athmosphere. For those readers who live in the Netherlands this is definitely a place to recommend!

Today I'm in the relax mode! But I have a lot of things on my 'to do'list. It's getting colder, real autumn here now, so I am ready to redecorate my home with some new accessories. So today I will continue my online search for some decoration pillows for my lovely Design on Stock Hopper couch. The colour of my couch is oyster.

Where do I go when I need group help? Twitter is a great source of inspiration! With the aid of my dear Twitter friends I’ve compiled a list of places where you can find some nice decoration pillows online in case you’re also looking for some. I’m not sure what I’ll end up with… If you have additional suggestions please comment below and I’ll include your link too. Thank you!

I love the beautiful pillows from By Nord These photoprints are just gorgeous!

And Dutch brand Zusss

or Ferm Living

or Zara Home

image above: Ferm Living via Lille Lykke

16 October 2009

Vipp 70th anniversary

In one of my earlier posts I highlighted the lovely yellow cab collection of VIPP.
And now Vipp is celebrating its 70th anniversary by hosting a charity auction in New York City in collaboration with design retailer Design Within Reach (DWR). The auction will benefit DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. The auction will feature Vipp pedal bins re-imagined by 35 leading creative personalities.

Public viewing and bidding from October 15 - 28 at DWR: Tools for Living located at 142 Wooster Street, New York City, during regular store hours (11am-7pm). Gala auction to be held October 28.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Vipp decided to take a walk down memory lane: the Vipp 70th Anniversary Edition has been produced according to the specifications of the very first Vipp bin, created in Holger Nielsen's workshop 70 years ago. The miniature bin comes with the original ears, logo and wavy lid. Isn't this a lovely design item?

Lovely tiles

I’m loving this collection of tiles. This picture was made in Lisbon Portugal by Anne Wendlendt. Isn't this a good idea to decorate your kitchen, bathroom or toilet like this?

via: Decor8

14 October 2009

Unique design hotels

If you are planning a trip to Edinburgh, Kuwait or Brussels soon, please stay tuned. Today I want to take you out on a virtual tour to Hotel Missoni. Each and every Missoni hotel is unique. An individual expression of Rosita Missoni's creative vision.Hotel Missoni is created to be genuine and uncomplicated, offering those luxury touches that really mattter.

Thanks to Tiina from Livia Concept for this great idea. Her website is a great source of inspiration.

And by the way: Missoni is on a mission to open more of these beautiful hotels in the next few years: 2010: Cape Town, 2012 Brazil and Oman. I would loooooooooooooove to see them all. What do you think of this concept?

source: Hotel Misoni and Livia Concept

12 October 2009

A new week

Hi there! It's Monday again. Time flies when having fun during the weekend? How was your weekend? I had a great weekend with my family in Belgium. The country side is just lovely this time of the year and we had some time to relax and had a good diner together.

And now I'm back on track this morning. Today I would like to introduce another lovely homewear brand to you: Chilewich. Chilewich is a lovely brand by Sandy Chilewhich. She creates lovely pieces of woven vynil such as rugs, little placemats and bathmats. She also sells wall coverage. This wall coverage is also being used in upscale hotels such as the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. I am happy to share some of her beautiful items with you. I just love her natural, sustainable style. What do you think? You can leave your ideas below.

10 October 2009

Happy weekend!!

My darlings, what's your plan for the weekend? My finance and I will be travelling to Belgium this weekend. We will meet the family in the lovely country side region which is callled: 'De Westhoek'. But before I leave I would like to give you some more inspiration. Photographer Paul Massey has bought a Victorian terraced house in Crouch End, North London. He started renovating and this is the result. I love the cool and calm athmosphere and have you seen the kitchen with the big table and a lot of light coming in? Just adorable. What do you think of this style? You can leave your comments below.

source: Living Etc

9 October 2009

Eat with Pete in Amsterdam

Are you ready for the weekend?
Would you like to spent your weekend in Amsterdam?

If the answer to these questions is yes, read on:

Peter Lute, head chef of the Lute Restaurant and owner of the associated Lute Suites invites you to join him for dinner. The celebrate Design Hotels™ Original and entrepreneur has created a truly extraordinary menu for you consisting of 10 courses.

And since he figures you might not want to (or be able to) move very far afterwards, he’d like you to stay for the night – in one of his impeccably design suites of course.

The suites have been uniquely designed and furnished by his friend and business partner Marcel Wanders the Dutch star-designer.

You will have your dinner at the Chef’s table in the kitchen, and to remind you of your stay in the Netherlands, a small gift will presented to you when you say goodbye.

Don’t leave Peter waiting. He is dying to show you the magic he can weave in his kitchen.

Look for the 'unique experience' rate when you book.

The Eat with Pete Special in brief
- Price: EUR 285 for 2 persons sharing one suite, per night (tax included)
- 10 course dinner at the chef’s table in Lute restaurant
- A farewell gist to remind you of your stay in the Netherlands
- Arrivals from Mondays to Saturdays
- Availability: all year round

I know this is an offer for the happy few, however there are lots of other good hotels in Amsterdam. If you would like to receive some tips from my side, please feel free comment. I will be happy to share some good spots in Amsterdam with you.

For now I would lik to wish you a lovely weekend!!

8 October 2009

Romantic inspiration

Hi lovely readers around the world. How are you today? Are you almost ready for the weekend? Oof,I am ready for a long weekend. I am so busy this week with my new job that I could hardly find any time to give you some new inspiration.

Today I would like to take you on a trip to Italy. Italy is one of my favourite countries in Europe. Look at this beautiful, panoramic spot from which there is a magnificent lake view. This is Villa del Grumello in Como, close to the famous Lake Como.

Villa del Grumello has a multi-purpose vocation, it can accommodate any type of event and meet the most diverse requirements, by combining the allure of a bygone era with state-of-the-art technology.

The different levels of the Villa are adapted for a variety of functions: the ground floor is a perfect venue for all kinds of events, while the first floor can host meetings or conventions, providing any necessary technical audio and video equipment.

With its park, the Villa is an unparalleled setting for photo and advertising shoots, art shows and prestigious events.

It is possible to choose the rooms best suited to meet customers requirements.

Top quality furniture, chosen from among international contemporary design cult items, as well as the assistance of a highly professional team, complete the offer.

Related links:

Villa del Grumello
Fondo Ambiente
Villa Carlotta

source: At Casa


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