30 October 2009

Flower power

Do you have flowers at home that scream for water once in a while? The Eva Solo flower pot has been designed to extend and improve the life of your house plants and indoor herbs. Just glance at the water level in the vase, and you will know immediately if the plant is thirsty… The vase reservoir can hold water for the plant only need watering once a week, and possibly less frequently, depending on the circumstances. In nature plants draw up the water they need through their roots – when they need it. The same principle is behind this functional and self-watering flower pot which consists of just two parts. On top is a ceramic flower pot and beneath it a glass container functioning as water reservoir. Water is drawn up through nylon threads which hang down from the bottom of the pot, like extensions of the plant´s own roots. And look at the design? It's awesome!

source: Eva Solo press

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