1 October 2009

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer foundation

Hi lovely ladies (and gents of course!). Today I want to draw your attention to the Pink Ribbon foundation. As you might have notices I usually do not post about other topics than Travel, Design and Style but today, I would like to make an exception to this rule. Did you know that today it is the kick off of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month of the foundation. Every year in October, the foundation is hosting a variety of different events here in the Netherlands. Today there was a so called 'lintjesregen' (rain of pins) in the famous Carre Theater in Amsterdam. Five ladies received a pink ribbon pin for their work to fight against breast cancer in different ways. The event was a big succes. See below those powerful women who did an do a great job for he kick off of the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

If you would like to contribute to this good cause, you can buy some lovely products here. While buying these products a part will be donated to the good cause. I just bought the lovely bag hanger above and I will also buy some other products to support the good cause this month.

For all the international readers click here to find Pink Ribbon in your country.

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I hope you'll accept this award and pass it on.

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