13 April 2010


Help! As I told you last week I'm preparing the restyling of my home office. However, at this moment I'm a bit stuck in the middle. I'm in doubt what to choose and how to continue so I would love to ask for your help before I start. This is the room now: 1.80m x 5.00m The window is 1.20 x 1.80. The room has a wooden floor and I would love to keep it like that. On the right hand side of the room (when you enter it) there is a big closet.

My ideas so far:

1. Buy a new desk Q. Any suggestions for a design like but affordable desk?
2. Find a lovely curtain e.g. Marimekko design to bring in some colour
3. Paint one wall in a different color. Q Which one?
4. Add some shelves on the wall
5. Add a moodboard to give this room a human touch.

Please note that this remake needs to be done on a budget, since I've just bought a new car and we are planning a trip to Japan so my budget for this summer is almost spent;-)

Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts with me! You are so kind and you give me lots of inspiration every day!!


sgillmanorr said...

I suggest you paint the wall on the left a bright but livable color, perhaps a persimmon or olivey lime? A great place to get fabrics for the curtain is at the sales racks of most fabric stores, or if you can't live without a merrimeko type Crate & Barrel CB2 line, Target(cut up a sheet maybe?) or even Ikea...also good options for desks as well. Good luck!

sinnlighet said...

What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

good girl gone blog said...

I've always wanted to paint one wall a different color, possibly a purple or a red. But for this space, I'm thinking a robins egg blue would be awesome!

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks so much girls for all your great ideas! I will collect them and come back with my plan. However if you still have some suggestions, please feel free! Much appreciated!

ashlina said...

PAINT PAINT PAINT. in a light aqua color and get some bright curtains.....thats instant style right there...and of course an inspiration board.

Dear Designer said...

Hi Lise, I recently bought some cork boards from ikea and painted them to match my walls. I bought four and hung them in a grid but you could do more. I am now using them as sample boards and have four separate schemes going on at the same time. With such a riot of colour in front of my nose I don't need much else!
A blind is a must though, to keep out the glare on the computer screen. I would also get a task lamp so that it is cosy at night.
I would also hang some shelves (around your mood boards) for some pretty and inspirational knick knacks and last but not least a vase of fresh flowers. Good luck. Cx


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