7 April 2010

Home Office part II

I'm dreaming of a home office like this. Next week I will start with the restyling of my home office. I think this image shows the essence. Simple, light and organized. 

And this is the creative office of Orly Kiely. Different style, but also great inpspiration. Later this week I will show you my office now and walk you through my restyling ideas.

Last week I posted on some other beautiful home offices. Read more here.

images via: Apartment Therapy


Charlotta Ward said...

Sitting at Bondi beach reading your blog on my iPhone. please pretend not to see any typeos.. Love your recent posts! That handmade mirror is fantastic and I will take à closer look when back at home again. Also want to update my office - am in fact so keen to do it right away having read your post! Need to do a proper Autumn-cleanout and re-organize my books, paints, canvases and general att debris.. Thanks for the inspiration. XxCharlotta

ashlina said...

oooh kinda cool .i love it.

Urban Style Vibes said...

Charlotta! Wow, you are at Bondi beach! Love to hear that! A global mind is a joy forever. Thanks for your lovely comment. Great inspiration to start my home office restyle this weekend... It's a lot of work I guess but if the result is what I have in mind I will be happy afterwards!

XO Lise


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