26 June 2009

Go Glamping in Portugal

Yes, we found our new holiday destination for this summer. We will go 'glamping' for a week in the Portugal Nature Lodge. I hear you think: What the h%$#& is GLAMPING. Glamping is the new, glamourous camping. Ideal for urbanista's and celebrities who enjoy nature and luxury don't like the hassle of taking the tent or even a camper or caravan.

Glamping originated in Africa, decades ago, in upscale Safari Camps. Guests lounged inside large canvas tents adorned with king size beds, elegant bedding, Persian carpets, antique furniture, fluffy towels, and pillow misters. They experienced stunning views in all directions and spent their afternoons at high tea, while on site chefs prepare decadent meals. Guests enjoyed every imaginable luxury, in a very wild setting. Lucky for us, many such establishments still exist in Africa today.


PeterenJoke said...

Well this looks like the place to go.
I like this GLAMPING!!
I will check this out!!!

Anonymous said...

I know another glamping accomodation in Portugal: Tenda Ambiente. Their luxury lodge-tents are in a big exotic garden with swimmingpool and the Oost-Algarve is beautiful and not that touristic.

The owners are Dutch and speaking English.

So go glamping in Portugal: Tenda Ambiente.

Hannah said...

If you are looking for Glamping in Portugal check out Yurt Holiday Portugal in central Portugal with fantastic river beaches and crystal clear waters close by.
"Whether you’re looking for a lazy rural retreat, or an active holiday in the hills, there’s no better way to get back to nature without foregoing any creature comforts."

kendra said...

Or Tipi Algarve www.tipialgarve.com
They have Tipis and Mongolian yurts
10 minutes from the coast in the Algarve.


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