17 October 2009

Happy autumn weekend

Happy weekend to all my lovely readers! What are your plans? Yesterday I started the weekend with a lovely diner in Wijn of Water, a restaurant at the riverside in Rotterdam. We had a lovely diner in a cosy athmosphere. For those readers who live in the Netherlands this is definitely a place to recommend!

Today I'm in the relax mode! But I have a lot of things on my 'to do'list. It's getting colder, real autumn here now, so I am ready to redecorate my home with some new accessories. So today I will continue my online search for some decoration pillows for my lovely Design on Stock Hopper couch. The colour of my couch is oyster.

Where do I go when I need group help? Twitter is a great source of inspiration! With the aid of my dear Twitter friends I’ve compiled a list of places where you can find some nice decoration pillows online in case you’re also looking for some. I’m not sure what I’ll end up with… If you have additional suggestions please comment below and I’ll include your link too. Thank you!

I love the beautiful pillows from By Nord These photoprints are just gorgeous!

And Dutch brand Zusss

or Ferm Living

or Zara Home

image above: Ferm Living via Lille Lykke

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