16 August 2010


I'm not sure if you remember this but I've been on a trip to Portugal last summer. During my last trip I discovered Glamping which stands for Glamourous camping. It is trendy concept for those who love  relaxed camping without any hassle. Today I came across El Cosmico, a sort of hotel/campground in in Texas. Wheter you like to stay in an Indian Teepee tent or a Yurt or even a vintage trailer it's all possible here. If my future holds a trip to Texas, I would love to stay for a few nights in this place.

Q. What do you think about this place?


genial said...

freaking amazing view :)
i like the angle :)

Urban Style Vibes said...

Yes you are right. This an amazing place! XO

glampingqueen said...

Pretty awesome pics. Have you ever tried to glam your own camp? It's a great get away that is a little more affordable than the glamping resorts. A little bit of work to set up but it is well worth it.I even got my mother to come along and she had a blast, even when it rained.
Great site I'll be back.


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