20 August 2010


My dear friends. Thanks so much for visiting Urban Style Vibes* Did you have a nice week? Was it a productive one or do you feel a bit behind? Whether you had a good week or a not make this weekend an unforgettable one! Find some time to play with your children, ejoy good music, watch a film, write a postcard, or visit your family as I will do this weekend. My weekend is filled with B-day parties and I will have some time to do some running or biking in between which I love. What will you do this weekend? I do hope you enjoy yourself. I’ll see you on Monday…

Before I leave you for the weekend I would like to share this Newcastle-based brand that’s grown from strength to strength: Deadgood . I first spotted deadgood a few years back, then saw them exhibit at the prestigious 100% Design show in London. Founded by two Northumbria University graduates in 2004, Elliott and Dan have earned the reputation for offering classic and contemporary home furnishing in fresh and inspiring new styles. I just love the cute pink chair with the little embroyded hearts. Which one do you like the most?
 images: Trend Bible

1 comment:

Tina said...

Not having any big plans this week end. Just relaxing and see what comes to mind. Weekends are great!


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