8 August 2010


My dear blog friends, as you might have mentioned my presence on Urban Style Vibes* is limited these days because I'm enjoying a short break. But I won't leave you without your daily read and today I have the honour to introduce you to a lovely new guest editor from Mexico. Welcome Lori Dumm from Tropical Inspirations
Thanks Lise for this opportunity to guest post on your incredible blog Urban Style Vibes* It's a great honour to be here for me. It all started as a simple search of tropical inspirations for a new house in Mexico...but soon became constant keyboard obsession for amazing design blogs I had no idea even existed. I guess living on a tropical island without daily internet has its ups and downs. Urban Style Vibes* was one of the first sites I encountered and I was hooked within days. Today I would love to give you some eye candies from Mexico. Which one is your favourite??

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