6 August 2010


Hello everyone! I´m Tina from the blog Komma hem(Coming home).
Before I start, I would like to thank Lisa for having me as a guest editor here on Urban Style Vibes. I also would like to thank lovely Charlotta from Space for inspiration who recommended me. I so appriciate being here!
I´ve promised Lisa to tell all of you out there, a little about Sweden and the people living here. I will also tell you what summer means to Swedes and some about Swedish summer vibes. I´ll do my best writing in english.

First I would like to say that Sweden really is an amazing country to discover. We have a stunning nature as well as lots of cultural life to experience- all from historical places and castles to more modern culture in terms of litterature(for example Stig Larson with The Millenium- series), music(I suppose you´ve heard of ABBA, The Ark and Robyn) and design(for example IKEA).

If you are looking for great shopping opportunities we can offer that as well.
For example you´ll find the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden, Gothenburg(the second largest city in Sweden) on the southwest coast and of course Stockholm(the capital city of Sweden) situated on the east coast. They all have a lot to offer!

In the summertime you will also find lots of Antique shops and Flea markets all over the country. This has become a very popular activity among us Swedes.
I often sell things at a local flea market every summer and actually make good money from it.

When it comes to nature Sweden have an amazing coastline on both sides, full of fishing harbours and picturesque coastal towns.
On the west coast you´ll find beautiful long white beaches and on the east coast, among many other beautiful places you´ll find Gotland(one of two large islands outside the coast) with its unusual landscaping.

Up north in the Swedish Lapland you are able to experience the very unusual northen lights.
In the middle of the summer the midnight sun, which is a natural phenomenom, causes a period of constant daylight, just like in Alaska. The day simply never turns into night during this time in the summer months.

What else could I tell you about Sweden and Swedes?
Well, when the summer finally comes we tend to get a little bit crazy. After a long and very dark winter the Swedes really come alive during the spring and summertime.
In the summer we in general like to spend as much time as possible outdoors, we love to grill and often stays out in the garden until it gets dark.
Many Swedes also spend their holidays in their typical swedish little red cottages situated in the country or by the sea.

Finally summer vibes in Sweden is all about sunshine(and sometimes rain), a stroll in the city, icecream, strawberrys, swimming, relaxing, reading, spending time with friends and family, barbecuing, fishing, camping and caravanning, boating, gardening, having a coffe in an outdoor cafe, go to concerts, visit festivals and so on...

Before I finish I would like to conclude that the Swedish people in general, becomes very active and social during the summer months, doing lots of things they find joyful and are having a hard time doing during the wintertime.

Hope you all have enjoyed the post and learned a little bit more about Sweden and the Swedish people!
Have a great summer!
Best regards

images via Skona Hem and Visit Sweden, Best of Nordic, Coastal Living, Traditional Home


The girl in the brick house said...

Thanks Tina! I've always wanted to visit Sweden and you've made me want to even more. Jane :)

Tina said...

How nice of you! Glad you liked it!


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