14 August 2010


Imagine....today we travel to the delta of Kenya's Tana River, the only wetland of its kind in Eastern Africa and a protected area owned and managed by the local Kenyan community. Conservation is paramount, and the owners of this awesome cottage are working closely with the community to set aside over 150,000 acres of conservancy around the property. The local residents are proud to share their little corner of paradise with the property's residents and lucky renters. I think this spot is just divine! 

Q. Would you like to travel to this place?

More images click here

images via Apartment Therapy


Hi there! said...

Amazing pictures! Love the simplicity in the African styles.
Hope you have a great trip!

Carole said...

Oh my. It's absoluely adorable.
Hope you're well Lise and having a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

how peaceful..wish we weren't so high maintenance...enjoy..


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