4 February 2012


Hello friends! How are you? How is your weekend? It's pretty cold here in Holland but the sun is shining. A perfect winter day I must admit! Today I had lunch in a wonderful place here in the city of Rotterdam and now just before we will have diner I'd love to treat you with some new Swedish inspiration. People ask me a lot where I find all the inspiration for Urban Style Vibes* blog. My answer to that question is: Inspiration is everywhere. The only thing you need is an open mind. Sometimes when I'm tired or feeling down it's difficult to find inspiration but most of the days there is so much to find on the street, in magazines at home or on the internet via websites, Pinterest or other blogs. I love to read a lot so it's not that difficult for me to come across good and new stuff. Today I was 'hunting' for houses for sale in Sweden and if I do that I usually check the wonderful Skeppsholmen website. This real estate agent has a lot of gorgeous homes for sale in Sweden. Don't get me wrong: I'm not planning to leave the country but it's always a treat to look into some beautiful homes abroad. Don't you think? This apartment is located in the city of Stockholm. I love the use of color combined with the white walls and wooden floors. It inspires me as well to do more with color in my own home. What do you think about this place?

via: Skeppsholmen

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