19 July 2010


Have you ever been in Australia? Or do you live in Australia? I must admit I'm a bit jealeous at you. After seeing the first images of the new Southern Ocean Lodge I can't wait to pack my bags for a take off to Melbourne or Sydney.Southern Ocean Lodge is Australia's first true luxury lodge, offering a unique and exclusive travel experience on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Floating atop a secluded cliff on a rugged stretch of coast, the lodge commands peerless views of the wild Southern Ocean and pristine Kangaroo Island wilderness.

via: Southern Ocean Lodge


The Owl's Closet said...

gorgeous! i've never been, but i would love to visit one day:)


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

cool images! i live in oz and my mum has actually moved to kangaroo island this year. going over there at xmas time, in our summer. : )



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