16 July 2010


Before I wish you a fabulous weekend I'd like to thank you for visiting me here on Urban Style Vibes* this week. And also thanks to all your comments, tweets, retweets and e-mails that make me smile. The blogging world means a lot to me and I guess some of you feel privileged to be part of this new community. To me it feels that I have met a lot of new friends and although I haven't met you all in person I just feel that there is a strong connection between all the lovely friends in the blogging world. You are all so kind and couraging. You give me a lot of energy every day to continue blogging and make this world a better place. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Before I rush into the weekend here some Swedish inspiration. I posted earlier about little summer houses, this is not a little one but an awesome retreat! The owners are graphic designer Henrik Nygren and Susanna Nygren Barrett. They have built and decorated this beautiful house on Gotland, a small island in the Baltic Sea. Do you like to have summer house like this?

images via Skona Hem


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

not only would i like a summer house like this, i'd like a summer house! thanks for posting such a beautiful home, it was no surprise to me when you said graphic designers own it. it seems so 'graphic' with it's simple colour palette and clean lines. greetings from melbourne, australia. x

Kellie Collis said...

Those white timber floors are lovely! Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend! x

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh yes, i like!! i like v. much!!! : )

havbe a great weekend, jx

La Boheme said...

I like it very much too! It definitely breathes summer...Thank you for sharing. Love your blog.


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