31 March 2010

Back home

My sweeties I'm back from Madrid! Unfortunately I was not able to blogpost every day in the meantime. However I hope you have enjoyed reading so far. Madrid was awesome! I did some good shopping: 2 pairs of zapateros (shoes), a new summer jacket and of course some lovely skirts from the Garden Collection of H&M on which I posted earlier here. Later this week I will drop some images here to give you an impression of our trip. Coming home it's always a good time to think about a new travel destination. Looking at these images from Nicolas Millet I'm pretty sure I would love to go to the Bahamas very soon. What do you think?

Imagine to have such a colourful house with seaview...

Later this week I will surprise you with a lovely guest post from Carole. She has been traveling to Krakow in Poland and I'm sure she will surprise you with some lovely images and travel tips. Please visit her blog here

via: Cote Maison

1 comment:

Charlotta Ward said...

Welcome back! We've missed you!

Glad you had a brilliant time.

I miss H&M - another Swedish treat I never tire of when I am back in the motherland. Why they don't establish themselves here in Australia is beyond me!! Perhaps when Zara launches next year they will rethink..

Beautiful pictures in this post! The colours are amazing and yes, I think Bahamas is a splendid idea for your next trip. :)



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