4 March 2010

I'm so exited!

My lovely readers I'm so happy that I found  Kelly from Fabulous K Creative who will start with the redesign Urban Style Vibes* in a few weeks from now! Since I started USV* in the summer of 2009 I have created a lot of content and the layout was always my last concern. However I want to expand USV* and make this blog even more attractive for my readers and sponsors.
If you have any suggestions for my blog, please leave me your comments below. Thanks so much sweeties. All your comments make me smile!


ashlina said...

yay...i love her style. i am so excited to see what it will look like.
congrats girlie!

Charlotta Ward said...

What exciting news! I am sure you will guide the creative process with your keen eye for design.

Well my only one would be to ensure that if you go from two to three columns, that you consider having the 'post column' on the far left and two information columns to the right. This way your posts will be less cluttered and the ads can be separated (looks neater).
Also ensure she gives you nice and wide column space for your posts so that your images can be as large as possible.

Best of luck - can't wait to see what it will look like.



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