11 July 2011


Hello friends. How was your weekend? Are you ready for a kick start this Monday? I have a busy schedule today and the rest of the week but before I leave you I will take you to Paris today. Paris is only 3 hours by train from Amsterdam so on Thursday, 'quatorze juillet', the national bank holiday I will travel with A.M. one of my friends to the French Capital. If you have any tips for me on where to shop, eat and enjoy, please let me know! I'm sure I will visit the Mama Shelter Hotel/Restaurant and I love to shop till you drop but I'd love to hear your ideas on where to go when I'm there. You always help me out to find the best hotspots on the planet. That's why I love blogging and social media. Together we can really make a difference!! Thank you so much in advance!

Above are a few happy snaps from one of my previous trips to Paris. Next week I will give you an update on my new experiences in this beautiful city.


mydeco said...

would like to see some french home interiors if possible! Have fun and Enjoy Paris!
One place you cant leave out is Disneyland!!

Urban Style Vibes* said...

I already received a lot of tips via Twitter and Facebook on where to go. Here are some in undefined order:


Later this week I will share all the tips with you in a blogpost!

maria said...

Have a look to these great tips for Paris, different places to visit! :)



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