1 April 2011


My dear friends, TGIF (thank god it's friday!) What a week. How was your week? Was it a good one? But more important: Are you ready to celebrate the weekend? I just had diner with the Mr in the lovely Harbour Club in Rotterdam. We had a delicious fish diner in a great athmosphere so that was a good kick off for the weekend. But before I leave you for the weekend I would like to thank you for all your sweet comments, e-mails indeas and inspiration. It's great to be out here in the bloggerworld and meet so many wonderful, talented people. It feels like I know many of you quiet well but we've never met in real life. However that will change soon. In 2 weeks time I will go on a trip to London to visit the Decorate book launch party in London where I will meet my friend Holly Becker from Decor8 and Carole King from Dear Designer. And in less than 3 months from now we will all meet at the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam. We already have a lot of attendees but you can still join the party. Please register on Facebook via the link on the right on this page and we will invite you accordingly.

Last week we announced the program for the event. Read more about the complete program here. In addition we have met with all the partners and speakers from: Lily's Cupcake, Flavourites, VT Wonen, the American Book Center and next week we will announce a new sponsor that will be added to this impressive list. It's great to see the enthousiasm and support from our sponsors to make this event a success.

And last but not least we have a special promotion for those of you who want to spent the night in Hotel V before, during or after the event. They offer all the guests from the event a special Meet the Blogger promotion on their website. This means that you will receive a 10% (!!!) discount on the roomrate and that you will receive a free bottle of Prosecco on your room. You can book your room here. Please don't wait to long with your bookings because rooms and rates are limited. You can also book directly on the website mentioning MTblogger as the special code:


Have a lovely weekend friends! See you back on Monday!!!


Luxe Vida said...

Sounds fantastic, let me know if you need any help as I'm in Amsterdam. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Urban Style Vibes* said...

@Luxe Vida: Thanks! We definitely need some help with the event!

Carole said...

I'm so looking forward to meeting you at last Lise, and not once, but twice. You have done a fantastic job of promoting the Meet the Blogger event and I just know it's going to be mega.
Have a lovely weekend my friend. xx

vosges paris said...

It is gonna be a great event ;) Really looking forward to it.

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style said...

Thanks for the invitation. Wish I could be there and meet all fantastic bloggers! Maybe next time? I will post a link from my two interior blogs:


Enjoy your Sunday. //Lisbeth

Charlotta Ward said...

Lise this is all such great news!
Congratulations on all your hard work, the sponsors and a great programme!

The London event will be so much fun and I can only imagine how fun it will be to meet Carole and Holly.
Please give Carole a hug from me - she's so great!

Big hugs

xx Charlotta

Urban Style Vibes* said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments. I've read them all and it made me smile today:-) It's great to see all the enthousiasm and support from the bloggerworld! Thanks again!!!


Lise M.


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