16 April 2011


Hello friends! Happy weekend. How was your week? My week was exiting! And now I'm back home. Today I'd love to give you a sneak preview of my London visit. On Wednesday morning I flew out to London to join the Decorate Book launch with Holly Becker in Liberty's. And I'm so exited after I met so many lovely bloggers. In the morning I did some shopping in London on my own. I went to see my favourite stores: Anthropology, Zara Home, Muji and I had lunch at Tibits a lovely heathy food cafe. In the afternoon I went to Liberty. I met with a lot of fellow bloggers. It is a great way to share experiences and stories. In the afternoon I met with the lovely Carole King from Dear Designer. It felt like a blind date because you read a lot of stories and you chat online but you have no idea how it will be to meet eachother in person. We had a lovely tea with cupcakes and champagne in Liberty and it felt as if we knew eachother already for a long time. And then at 6PM it was time for Holly's Decorate book launch. First of all it was great to see Holly and see the enthousiasm she brings and her heartwarming story about her dream and her book. She is just a lovely authentic person. She shared some great tips with us on blogging which I will deffenitely use to develop Urban Style Vibes to the next level. And of course after the session she did a lovely styling session with Leslie Shrewing and Sania Pell
The lovely Liberty building
Holly signing her book
The dining table spring styling demo

Decorate Books for sale!

 At the Decorate Book launch event I met a lot of lovely bloggers: Rona from Flowerona, Kate Baxter from Fabrics of my Life, Katie Moumtzoglou from Coco male Interiors and Ariana from Ariana Interiors. All these girls will also join us at the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam in June. This will be so much fun! I can't wait.

images: Lise M. for Urban Style Vibes*


Carole said...

Lovely post Lise. Didn't we have fun? I was so exhausted at the end of the day:-) It was so nice to meet up finally and I can't wait for June!
Lots of love,
Carole xo


ahhh I missed it I was back in Spain, thanks god I got my signed copy, love the book and Liberty!!


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