22 May 2011


Hello sweethearts. Sorry for my lack of posting but I'm still ill and need a lot of rest. However I do read some blogs and e-mails every day. Your support and courage make me stronger and I hope I will recover as soon as possible. Because in only 34 days from now we will meet eachother at the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam. We have more than 100 attendees now. Can you imagine 100!!! bloggers in one room? The last few weeks we have done some preparations to make this event an unforgettable experience. Holly, Janneke and I have been talking with our sponsors: The American Book Center, Hotel V, VT Wonen, Lily's Cupcake and Flavourites. In addition we are discussing the finishing touch with eachother. E.g. it will be great if you all have name tags so that you can see directly who you meet and network along. We also have a great goodie bag available thanks to our sponsor. So we think we are almost ready for the event. However we still need one thing: We still need a flower sponsor!! Do you know a great company that would love to support the events with flowers we would be happy to talk with them. Of course we will make sure that the sponsor gets a lot of attention before, during and after the event. Last but not least we are thinking about other events across Europe. What do you think about this idea? Would you like to have a Meet the Blogger event across Europe because we see there is a huge demand for blogger 'get togethers'. Please let us know if you have any ideas or comments for this event and possible new events. We would love to hear your thoughts!

PS. The Meet the Blogger event was mentioned in the latest issue of VT Wonen Magazine. Check it out on page 160. In addition we had some lovely posts on different website like Scoutie Girl. Please promote the event on your own blog if you like. You can copy the logo above and link back to our website.


Can I still sign up for the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam?

Yes sure you can but hurry up because we will close the attendee list early june because tickets are limited.

What are the costs of this event?

Lucky you, the event is free for Lifestyle and (home) design bloggers

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, sure you can but please make sure they sign up on Facebook so that we have an accurate list of attendees.

I do not have a blog but I'd love to meet Holly Becker and buy her book?

Sorry the event is only for home and lifestyle bloggers. However Holly is doing a book signing in Amsterdam from 5-7PM. Read more here.

I would like to become a sponsor of the event. What can I do?

We are currently looking for a flower sponsor. Please e-mail us here.

I did the RSVP on Facebook. Do I still get a ticket for the event?

If you are on the attendees list you are more than welcome. This is the official registration list.

Sorry I can't make it to the event but I am already registered on Facebook?

Please remove yourself from the attendees list. It's important for us to have an accurate list of attendees. All attendees listed on Facebook will receive a goodie bag after the event.

image: Holly Becker for Decor8


OrangeFarmhouse said...

Ik heb er zoveel zin in! Krijgen we nog iets van een bevestiging via mail of is facebook het medium waar we alles kunnen volgen? Tot snel! Maike

Urban Style Vibes* said...

@OrangeFarmhouse Goeie vraag. Jij staat op de lijst van attendees op Facebook. Dat is meteen je bevestiging. We kijken er naar uit om je te ontmoeten!


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