5 November 2011


Hi lovely bloggers and readers! How are you today? Are you still enjoying the weekend? I hope you have some time to spent with your friends and loved ones! Today I have some lovely Italian inspiration for you. The image are made for Cote Maison by Bernhard Touillon. I especially love to have such a fireplace:-)I hope you like it!

source: Cote Masion

1 comment:

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello my friend and thank you for your comment today.

Yes, I am strong and all will be fine once I readjust and find my bearing again. It's always worst the days after the parting.

Love this Italian place! So many beautiful features. The light in all the rooms is amazing and I adore the juxtaposition radiators and those 'balls' on top of the shelf under the ceiling.

Gorgeous find.

xx Charlotta


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