15 September 2011


Hello friends, how are you today? Sorry for my absence in the past weeks. I have been busy setting up my own company and blogging was just not a priority. But I promise I'll be back with more inspiration and travel destinations that you don't want to miss. Today I'm inspired by the fresh and new online magazine that was launched in London: Heart Home Magazine is an initiative from my friend Carole King, Arianna Trapani and Daniel Nelson. Read more about this lovely magazine here and please do not forget to read the magazine. It's  in one word amazing what these three British did! Well done!

1 comment:

Tiina said...

I can't wait to hear more about your business! You will blog about it, right? I just finished building my site, my products are up as well, and I coulnt be happier! But it takes time to fix everything :) Have you started planning the next bloggers event? Take care, xo tiina


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