27 August 2009

Vipp Yellow Cab Style

Danish brand Vipp, the premium accessory brand responsible for transforming the look of your bathroom and kitchen, now welcomes another collection called the Yellow Cab which forms the newest member of the elegant Vipp Universe. The 2009 Limited Edition Vipp Yellow Cab derives its name from the random 13,000 Yellow Cabs buzzing on the lively streets of New York City. This is the first time Vipp is launching a showroom outside Denmark, in New York City, which is a milestone in the 70 year history of Vipp. Vipp’s Yellow cab takes a chic and alluring spring color, which is unlike Vipp’s usually minimalistic choice of colors. I personally fell in love with their soap dispenser so I will head for Copenhagen today and get mine (in white of course!)
source: VIPP

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