10 September 2009

Dream hotel Sardinia

The summer has almost come to an end here in Holland so today I would like to take you on a trip to the beautiful island of Sardinia (Italy). Under the blessed blue skies of Sardinia, La Coluccia is an arena for building Mediterranean memories. This hotel has planted a new kind of glamour on the island, taken from the worlds of fashion and design, blended with art and architecture. In 45 rooms, subtly enchanting with gentle natural tones and flowing forms, La Coluccia offers a place to capture moments of peace, and rediscover the simple pleasures of sea, air and time in an exclusive atmosphere of beauty. The hotel's sleek, innovative interior, incorporating polished cement, soft leathers and rich dark woods, is a warm and inviting retreat, while its bold, wave-crested facade communicates a dynamic energy. Smart, stylish but distinctly casual, La Coluccia gives you back a piece of yourself.
(La Coluccia will be closed for the season from 27 September 2009 but you can already book for next season;-)
source: Design Hotels

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