14 September 2009

Lovely monday!

Hi all, welcome to this new week. It's Monday again. Since I've started my new job in the corporate world, Monday will be my day off. I'm so glad I decided to work 4 days a week now since that will give me some more time to spent on this blog and my other hobbies such as running and biking. But it is also my day to manage my home and calendar. So I'm quiet busy today. I also need to do some cleaning in the meantime. But before I get started I would like to share some beautiful, designer kitchen towels with you. These beautiful towels are for sale at Design Torget Stockholm. An online store where young desingers get the chance to sell their fresh and unique products. Tell me, what do you think?

Images via Design Torget


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

actually, i just posted about my love of mondays, cause we have that day off as well at our place. i really enjoy the fact that most people are working in some way, and there's our family relaxing and doing saturday kind of things!! these tea towels are gorgeous.
femme de montmartre - melbourne, australia.

Tiina said...

ooh thank you so much for the tip! i will go and have look rigth away! i've been planning on posting your guide now this week, i think it's time for another citybreak again :)

have a lovely evening!!

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks Tiina. I would be happy to see my city guide on your lovely blog.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lise M.


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