15 September 2009


Hi all! How are you today? Today was my first day at work this week. So I'm a little tired. However I have a lot of inspiration to share with you. Since Urban Style Vibes is on Twitter I share a lot of infomation and have access to great resources across the web. Today I will give you some links to explore. I hope you will enjoy it!

Tuesday inspiration:

I’ve been dreaming of spending a summer week at a lovely hotel in Scandinavia, see here Hotel…

Wonderful Scandinavian home by the sea in Australia.

Michelle Adams, former Domino market editor and founder of ├╝ber-chic eco fabric and bedding shop Rubie Green is launching Lonny magazine, an online-only decorating and lifestyle publication. The magazine, due to launch in October, will follow a traditional magazine format on an online platform, directly connecting readers to products and resources with the click of a mouse.

Lollidols from Lollipop workshop, yes that's Amy Atlas. Isn't this adorable?

By the way, the images above are made in Portugal during my Glamping summer holiday in the Alentejo Region. If you are planning a holiday in Portugal I would recommend a stay here in the beautiful Safari tent @ Portugal Nature Lodge.

images by Lise M. for Urban Style Vibes

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