18 September 2009

Awesome Australian Architecture

Irony and a bit of voyeurism. Two terms to describe the original house built in Brunswick - Australia - created by the architects of Kavellaris Urban Design. The name of the house is Perforated House and recalls the technique used to affect the shape of the building facing opalescent and the prospectus of the traditional Australian Victorian facades: the "terrace houses. Wedged between two buildings along a street dotted with terraced houses, the facade of the house is designed with a canvas layer. The most fascinating part of the project is the large window on the first floor of the house. Its opening changes the configuration of the front projecting outward life that takes place inside. The window casement is an expressive element that transforms continuously from solid to void volume, from private to public, opaque to translucent. During the day the house is closed and impenetrable, at night, the perception is that of a light box and transparent.
But the architecture is not the main reason that this house is so special: Perforated House was designed to meet the new criteria of eco-sustainability. Key aspect was to optimize solar orientation to take advantage of light and heat. Among the solutions adopted: solar panels for water heating, skylights and blinds inclined to exploit the use of solar energy, slits on the back of the house used as ventilation and air-conditioned building.
Thanks to Jennifer Ramos from Made by Girl who gave me the inspiration on her blog to check out the wonderful At Case website
source/images: At Casa

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