8 September 2009

400 years New Amsterdam

Today we celebrate the 400th birthday of New York City. Unfortunately I'm not in Manhattan today but in Manhattan 'aan de Maas' (alias Rotterdam).

The history of the Big Apple began 400 years ago when the Dutch ship, the Halve Maen, commanded by Captain Henry Hudson arrived at what is now Manhattan.
The ship embarked on its journey in Amsterdam and both cities are celebrating the anniversary over the coming months with a series of parties, parades and concerts.

The highlight of the festivities is a week-long open air harbour party in New York, September 8 to 13.
On September 11, 1609 Hudson began travelling up the mouth of the river that would one day bear his name.
During the journey, he discovered an island known by the local Delaware Indians as 'Mannahata'.
Beginning in 1624, Manhattan and the surrounding area were colonised by Dutch people.
Under the Dutch mandate, the German businessman Peter Minuit purchased the island from the Indians for just 60 Guilders ( 34 dollars).
Forty years later, the colony of Niew Nederland fell to the British together with its capital, Nieuw Amsterdam, which would later be renamed New York

Both cities are hoping the anniversary will attract tourists. Visitors to New York can follow the Dutch trail by visiting Brooklyn, formerly known as Breukelen, Harlem which was named after the Dutch town and Breede Weg which is now called Broadway.

source: M & C Travel, Bert's Geschiedenissite

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