6 December 2010


Happy Monday sweethearts, how are you? Did you enjoy the weekend? We had a wonderful pre-chirstmas diner with our friends on Friday and on Saturday I did some shopping. It's pretty cold here in Holland and we had loads of snow. This was the view from our apartment last weekend. So beautiful! On Sunday I put up our little Christmast tree and decorated the house with some Christmas items.


Anonymous said...

Awww, it looked similar here in Germany :) Snow everywhere!

I do not decorate our appartment this year because we spend Christmas with my family in Slovakia... Too bad, I´d love to have my own chrismas tree :)

Happy Monday to you too!


Carole said...

Such a lovely view Lise. I'm very jealous.
Haven't really started decorating the house yet but I do have some lovely flowers and plants cheering the place up. Maybe next weekend....

Tiina said...

Pretty decor! I did some also, and wrapped the gifts. I'm not too sure abou the weather though... We got the same and it's really cold. Our car won't start and so on... Well, need to but new one ;)

Window To Design said...

Ooh, I love the shutters! I've been sharing Christmas décor tips on our fan page to help our fans get ready (see www.facebook.com/WindowToDesign) and it's gotten me into the festive spirit!

There are so many wonderful DIY Christmas décor ideas. This morning I shared this great tip from Martha Stewart on gift-wrapping (I'm doing mine tonight. The idea is to use re-purposed paper, like outdated maps, to wrap gifts in. It looks fabulous, it's eco-friendly and it would look lovely under a Christmas tree.

Have a lovely Christmas! I'm so glad I found your blog; it's stunning!


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