24 November 2009

Modern white Beach House

Today I would like to go on a trip to California with you. Pleae come a bit closer and take a look at this awesome beach house. This beachfront house in South California is designed by Richard Meier and his partner Michael Palladino for art collectors. It fronts the Pacific Ocean to the south, a courtyard to the west, and the highway to the north. 4,280-square-foot modern house maximize every square inch of the site intelligently and like in many houses in this region the open space creates an exterior living room.

The courtyard provides a visual link between the entry, the highway and the ocean beyond. The public areas open onto the courtyard. The living room has double-height ceiling and links the enclosed spaces with the deck and ocean via a full-height wall of glass and sliding doors. The private living areas are hidden on the east side of the entry. Emmy asked me where this hotspot is located? Is there anybody who can help me out? I know it's in California but I haven't found more details than that. Please leave your comments below. Thanks for sharing!


Emmy said...

Wow, what a gorgeous spot. Do you know where I can find this home? I'm just curious since I used to live in California

californiablue said...

I would venture to guess it was somewhere in Southern California, maybe Santa Barbara? Wherever it is, it's truly gorgeous!


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