26 November 2009

New Urban Icon for Rotterdam

I'm proud to live in the city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam has loads of cool new architecture. People even call it 'Manhattan on the river Maas' Today I want to show you a new development in my home city. Designed by MVRDV and developed by Provast, this new public market place was recently announced by the mayor of Rotterdam as an upcoming project of the city. The construction of the Markthal already started and this colossal building will soon be one of the main attractions in Rotterdam.

The hall of the market will feature giant LCD screens playing fruit and vegetable images. Another striking detail is its arch, composed of ten floors with no less than 228 apartments, half for purchasing, half for rentals. Restaurants and shopping stores will be found on the first two levels and a giant supermarket will be accessible underground, as well as plenty of parking lots (1200 parking spaces). I'm looking forward to do my groceries in such a great hall. However that will take a while. Please click below to get a cool impression of this new urban icon. What do you think? Is this an inspiring place to do your shopping?
via: Markthal Rotterdam


Ana Carlota said...

Wow, what an awesome building! I would love to go on a trip to Rotterdam! Can you please publish more highlights on your blog in the near future? That would be great!

Caroline Sleijffers said...

I can't wait for it to open! Thank god I live in Rotterdam and can enjoy it on a daily basis...


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