17 December 2009

Italian Loft Life

In a nineteenth-century building in the historic center of Reggio Emilia in Italy, an apartment of three hundred and fifty square meters has been drawn by the architect Duccio Grassi.To meet the demands of owners who wanted to expand the available space in their apartment, Studio Duccio Grassi has created an awesome loft.

Simple and elegant, the decor has a design pieces such as sofas by Piero Lissoni for Cappellini or table, and pieces with custom-designed by architect Duccio Grassi, such as mobile low living or library wall.

The use of natural materials combined with the choice of light colors and accentuates the brightness of the environment, emphasizing the light coming from the two terraces overlooking the historic city center.

source: At Casa

1 comment:

Charlotta Ward said...

Ooo so many inspiring and great posts.. I have only scraped the surface but can see I will be stuck in here for a while..

Thanks for your comment on my blogg. I hope you come back and that we can share thoughts through out this new year.

Happy 2010!


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