30 December 2009

Let's go to Brazil

My sweet blog readers! Isn't this a lovely day for a celebration in Brazil? Today I take you to the Uxua Casa Hotel. This is a compound of nine renovated houses, two restaurants and a spa opened by Wilbert Das, the creative director of Diesel, in the Brazilian fishing village of Trancoso.

The Uxua Casa hotel is located in Transcoso's UNESCO World Heritage ‘Quadrado' square. Stay in your very own one, two or three bedroom self-catered casa or the Uxua Casa Hotel. Don't miss a trip to the newest edition spa, or a dip in the seriously cool crystal lined pool, that sparkles by day and glows at night. If you do feel beach bound, a five minute walk from the Quadrado will bring you to sandy Brazilian shores. For details and rates visit Uxua Casa Hotel.

source: NYTimes

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Wow what a lovely place!


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