28 January 2010

Paint it black?

Hi sweeties, I need your help today! I'm thinking about a new colour for my bedroom wall and I am thinking about black or dark gray. This can be a good color contrast with our white shutters. I found some lovely images of subtile black walls. What  would you suggest?

 Below is the image of my current bedroom. Please let me know your ideas for my bedroom below! Thanks for your help!


Jane said...

Wow! Those bedrooms look stunning. I must admit I'd be nervous painting a wall black but with white shutters and white linen I reckon it would look amazing. Would love to see the end result!

Urban Style Vibes said...

I agree with you Jane. It looks stunning but to do so is something else!

Kelly said...

We say go bold, go dark. It will change the look of the room dramatically and give it that glam heavenly look. You could also do a really dark purple - just a thought! Can't wait to see the final results


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