20 January 2010

Moomah NYC

A lovely new cafe in the Soho area in New York has arised: Moomah is an arty cafe with a creative mind for adults and their children.They state on their website it is, "A place of sweet whimsy, wonder and warmth, Moomah is a creative playscape, a cozy cafe, a living classroom, a quiet hideaway, an art oasis, your neighborhood meeting spot. Your favorite place to be together, and a place for your child to simply be." Brilliant, don't you think? Wow -- I wish more places like this existed!


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

what part of nyc? can't imagine the upper east or west side? x

Urban Style Vibes said...

It's 161 Hudson street in the Soho area.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

it's beautiful - just reread your blogpost and saw that you said soho in the first sentence! sorry about that. cheers!


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