14 January 2010


"Whit LEGO you can create it all", that was the advertising slogan when I was a little kid. Do you remember? Earlier this year I posted about the cool LEGO project in the UK. Today I would like to share a  creative kitchen with you.

A duo formed by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti created their own LEGO kitchen. They first bought a simple kitchen island at IKEA and then they've spend a few weeks covering it with more than 20.000 LEGO brick stones. What do you think of this creation? Would you like to have such a kitchen at home? Please leave me your comments?


Nicola said...

That is pretty cool!! More as a novelty, I wouldn't have it myself. Just brings back childhood memories. I could spend ages building houses with those lego bricks!

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks for your comment! It's the same for me:-) Have a lovely day!


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