21 February 2010

Dutch design icons

When you think of Holland the first associations that arise are for many of you Amsterdam and Tulips. Today, on this beautiful Sunday I would love to add some associations to your immagination when you think about my country. My country has a lot of lovely designers.Today we meet DROOG Design  (DROOG is a Dutch word meaning ‘dry’). This design label is based in Amsterdam. Founded in 1993 as a statement on design.  This design label played a significant role in defining Dutch design internationally. Today many of the designers that started @ Droog Design are well-known all over the world such as Hella Jongerius, Tejo Remy, Jurgen Bey and Marcel Wanders. Here are three of my favourites design items of DROOG Design:

1. Tree Trunk  bench by Jurgen Bey

Even a fallen tree can serve as a seat. The addition of bronze classical chairs backs makes it a proper piece of furniture, a crossing between nature and culture. Dutch designer Jurgen Bey makes clear that it is ridiculous to transport trees when they are locally available. Therefore only the chair backs are for sale.

2. Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders

This is the very famous chair of Marcel Wanders. I just love his style of design. He even creates lovely wallpapers and interiors. You can find this chair also in the MOMA Museum in New York.

3. 'town House' 

The DROOG 'town house' was developed in collaboration between droog design and architectural firm atelier Bow-Wow from Tokyo to renovate a town house located close to famous Vondelpark link: www.vondelpark.com in amsterdam. in town house typology that is narrow and vertical such as this one, it is unavoidable for the staircases to dictate the special layout that is clearly divided into floors
and rooms. Click here to see the movie.

This post is also published on Remote Stylist. I am the Dutch correspondent for this 'global hub for home decor'.


craig said...

Tejo Remy and his design partner Rene Veenhuizen will be exhibiting new work at Industry Gallery (www.industrygallerydc.com), the only US gallery devoted exclusively to 21st century design. Exhibition opens March 20, 2010.

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks for the tip! I will keep an eye on that one!


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