24 February 2010

Budget (hotel) Bed Berlin

I'm planning a trip to Berlin this year and I think the Michelberger Hotel  might be a good place to stay. Three friends started with an idea to create a home together. They ended up with this affordable design hotel concept named after the designer Thomas Michelberger. Room rates start at EUR 65. The rooms are small but the interiors are design like. The touch of yellow gives all the rooms a fresh look. And the website is very creative. What do you think of this concept?

Have you already been in this hotel? I would love to hear your feedback/review. Please leave your comments below.


ashlina said...

how cool is that place????? wow.

Carole said...

It looks amazing. Why can't there be more affordable but stylish hotels I say. I would definitely stay here.

Charlotta Ward said...

LOVE the use of yellow as spot colour! So fresh.. And all that light through the large windows.


.. by now you will be tired of all my comments.. :) Sorry but now I am totally addicted to your blog and can't stop reading.

Am going to introduce you properly to my readers and link back here. You deserve a lot more traffic and comments! You rock!



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