2 February 2010

Life is a journey

The Danish super brand DAY (Day Birger et Mikkelsen) released press photos of their Spring 2010 home collection. The early photos look very promising! The collection is based on the Gypsy theme. Traveling with the Bohemian lifestyle from country to country, embracing all the good vibes on earth. It looks very healthy, fresh and natural: sea, beach and forest... What else do you need this summer? 

What is your view on this new collection? Please leave me your comments below! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

via: DAY


Carole said...

If only that sky could be packaged and delivered to me right now!

Urban Style Vibes said...

Hi Carole! Thanks for sharing your idea! That would be a wonderful idea. It's time for Spring and Summer:-)

Kendall @ LowerOakLawn said...

How cute! I love their collection! Can you get it anywhere in the United States?

Urban Style Vibes said...

It seems they only sell their home wear in Europe. However they do sell DAY clothes vis www.net-a-porter.com

Charlotta Ward said...

Love the colours!!


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