7 October 2011


Hello friends, what happened with this week??? It's Friday again. Can you imagine? I've been away from home the last couple of days to work on my new business and today I'm glad that I have a day in my home office. Do you remember that I started to blog here and here about my ideas about my own home office more than a year ago? In a few steps I have now created my own office but I'm not ready to share the final result with you. This was the room 1 year ago. And now It's clean and white with a white desk and drawer from Bo Concept. In addition I have bought a new white office chair from EAMES. BUT the most important part needs to be done: THE STYLING to make it a cosy place. I love to work from home but this place definitely needs pimping before I can feel really at home here. That's why I'm searching for new inspiration. Do you have ideas for me? Thank you so much. You always give me great inspiration and fresh thinking. Bare in mind that it's a small office.
via: Babble


Lau de Casalil said...

I really love the mood & styling of these two pics today!... You van find some other inspiration on my pinterest borad "home office"... and may be to be helpful you could show us the surrounding of your Home Office...!!! Have a nice workshop on it!


Lise said...

@ Lau Thanks! I've added a link to my home office in the post now!




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